Friday 24 July 2020

Thought and Matter -Social Systems

The entire commercial system is to be changed. Power will be generated without the aid of fuel and competition, as it is now, will cease to be.
Coal and fuel will not be used as fuel but there are other uses for them.
Gold and silver will cease to be used as a medium of exchange but will be employed in much more important ways.

There is a natural law that competition over obtaining a given commodity decreases with a decrease in the value of the commodity.

Competition as we know it was necessary for a time. However, when the human consciousness will have evolved to a higher degree there will be no further need for such competition. There will be a decrease in the desire for individual advancement and an increase in the desire for the advancement of the race as a whole.

It is a matter of history that much which was later confirmed by physical means was passed to man by those who had this super physical knowledge.
Although it is possible for the adept to know many thing through no- physical means, he knows man as a whole must first conquer the physical; not before then can he property convey his knowledge to those not as evolved.

Submerged deposits of animal matter through pressure and chemical reaction were converted into oil, which caused in time a natural shrinkage in that locality, though there are caverns where there is no oil. These were caused by the shrinkage of the earth’s surface, a process which is taking place all the times in some parts of the earth. In other parts the earth is raised up.

The inhabitants of a region bring on the destruction of the region through their destructive tendencies. The vices of humanity will bring at some time or another, calamities that will destroy even the land. All things do function in a natural manner and according to natural law.

There exists in the universe not one atom that does not bear a relation to every other atom. The activities of one atom influence to an extent the activities of every other atom. Mind exists in all matter even in so called inanimate matter. Mater and mind are rates of vibration, and all lower rates of vibration are subject of any higher rate. Mind in operation is the highest rate. All other rates therefore, are subject to reformation or disintegration by the vibration of thought which is mind in operation.

Thought may be destructive as well as constructive. If a nation reaches a stage when the minds of people that is the preponderance of thought are centred on things of vice, the thought waves penetrate even into the interior of the earth and thus change the rate of vibration of each minute particle of earth matter in that locality until a crystallization sets in, which causes the earth matter to eventually fall apart. Thus even the topography of a continent may be changed by the thought waves of many minds or a continent may be thus caused to disappear entirely.

The Fascinating Teachings of Valiant Thor by Liliana Usvat

The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta Unveiling the Hidden History of Ancient Lemuria by Valiant Thor

Monday 1 June 2020

Personal Systems Regarding Finances

The physical department if life hard labour is ideal for getting a financial start, but from there on it is all as far as financial success is concerned. 

Most financial successful peoples only work with the physical body long enough to secure enough money to get started in the financial world.

Once into the world of numbers, one must use the mind.
Save something no matter what your wage.

Look for investments and use your good judgment in placing your money there. Never go into a business without a thoroughly investigation. 

Do not let the corrupt bankers use your money to commit genocide in other countries. Invest locally.
The most entrepreneurs you have, the less likely your destiny will be controlled by central banks.
Take interest in the new business and learn every angle as quickly as possible. 

If you are truly interested of making a fortune of this business and want to do it ethically your subconscious will then understand that you do want to receive a great benefit from it and it will help others.

Have lunch with your subconscious every now and then. Met regularly with it and stay abreast with what it is thinking (Meditate).
Employ zeal fervour and enthusiasm in every one of your activities especially your giving first, then you know you will be receiving.
Be grateful for everything that comes to you. It has come for a reason.

When it comes to development the spiritual department is directly connected with the social. The financial is connected with the mental, wherein lies reason will and judgment. 

The mental department also contains the subconscious, emotions affections, beliefs and genius.
Intuition inspiration and genius are borne in the subconscious and the superconscious.
The superconscious is directly related to spiritual development. 

The more spiritual one become the greater bandwidth between superconscious and conscious. 

The art of Ascension Achieving Communion with God and Creation. By Valiant Thor

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Kin's Domain

The Kin Domain is presented in Anastasia (book 1) and the Ringing Cedars Series (presently 9 books) written by Vladimir Megre’.   

The series of books presents a unique perspective on history, society, family, education, spirituality and man’s relationship to nature.  It presents some unique solutions to problems that are present throughout the world. Well worth reading.
(The books use the term Man to describe both man and woman, so man will be used herein for simplicity).
A kin-domain essentially means family home, though has far more to it than just being a home.

The difference between kin-domain and the current “family home” is that the land the kin-domain is based upon would have to be sufficiently large to sustain most food, water and building materials for the family living upon it in perpetuity, generation after generation after generation. The kin-domain is planted in a way that makes it highly productive for food, whilst requiring a minimum of effort.
Although it would take quite an amount of work to establish, as well as many years for the plant and animal systems within the domain to reach equilibrium, some time. If done well this is quite possible, as exemplified by food forests.

Ideally a kin-domain would be free from taxes and owned outright, with hereditary title in perpetuity, the kin-domain being passed on to the next of kin.

A kin-domain would have some or all of the following features
A dam or pond to provide a water supply
Living fences
Trees planted to provide wood for future generation’s buildings and for firewood where needed.
Farm and companion animals
A food forest
Vegetable patch
An area for the cultivation of grains

Many of these aspects can be easily integrated in the one area.

They have been taking the world by storm. She talks of the ancient Vedic Russian (VedRus) civilization and how they lived so spiritually, practically and sustainably in nature, and in community.

Her words are very inspiring. She talks about people going back to their motherland (Mother Earth) and the best way to do it is by every family, wishing to do so, getting at least 1 hectare of land and establishing a family plot to be handed down to following generations of that family for ever more. 

She describes it as a chance to create a space for the family in which to grow and blossom in connection and co-creation with Nature and the original blueprint of this planet whilst creating fulfilling work for all the family, meeting all of their needs. Hence the name family Kin's Domain. Her vision for the world is beautiful.

Anastasia's vision is simple... 
each family takes responsibility for 1 hectare of land. They design the plot as they like and plant whatever they wish, however they see fit. There is no dogma, no belief system, just complete autonomy of the individual or family on each plot to create, what she describes as, a Space of Love for themselves which will bring them the highest nourishment, upliftment, beauty and joy in life. 

If everyone does this then the world will be transformed into a paradise garden earth one hectare at a time - how simple a vision... but so far reaching!

She says that once people start to live in this way, they will begin a whole new co-creation with Nature that they can't even imagine yet!

In  10 years over 400 such settlements have sprung up in Russia and Ukraine, also 1 or 2 in the US, Canada, Poland and in Italy. The books themselves sold over 10 million copies just by word of mouth... no advertising what-so-ever!  

Vladimir Megré

Each family has to take a hectare of land and turn it into a heavenly oasis, and call this plot of land their Kin’s Domain.”

РVladimir Megr̩

A Kin’s Domain is one hectare (2.5 acres) of land where a family creates a Paradise for themselves and their (future) children. The land is your connection to God and the Universe. Through Perfecting the Dwelling Land around him, Man perfects himself, and the world.

A Kin’s Domain is one hectare (2.5 acres) of land where a family creates a Paradise for themselves and their (future) children. The land is your connection to God and the Universe. Through Perfecting the Dwelling Land around him, Man perfects himself, and the world.

Humanity needs a way of living that will regenerate our planet, our lives, and our families.


  1. “If the human community consists of rational beings, why does it pollute the water it drinks and the air it breathes?
  2. “Why have people chosen a way of life that leads them to consume mostly low-quality food?
  3. “Why, as we keep speaking of spirituality, culture and human values, are there constant wars in the world?”

These questions are taken from the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre, in which the idea of Kin’s Domains is proposed as the solution to these problems, and all world crisis. In these books he provides a great deal of evidence, that Kin’s Domains would be the most sustainable and most widely accepted model of living currently available to the world.

A Kin’s Domain is a piece of the Earth that a family takes to create a living Paradise for themselves and their future children, to hand down to them in perpetuity. It is the Domain of their Kin.

It is at least 2.5 acres of land (100m x 100m), where a family plants a living fence of trees and bushes around the perimeter. On the inside, they dig a pond, plant a forest, an orchard, flower and vegetable gardens, build a house and keep bees and animals, all with the intention of passing this land down to generations of their children. They use strictly organic methods of gardening, and create no pollution of any kind. The families who create Kin’s Domains are doing so to ensure the best possible future for their children.

When each willing family does this, bit by bit, the world will be transformed into a blooming heavenly oasis. Each family, willingly and enthusiastically, takes to the land and regenerates the Earth. There are already more than 400 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia and eastern Europe, with the largest of them having over 200-300+ families.

This is not a movement that is being forced or recommended by anyone externally, but instead it is an idea being carried out by people of their own free will, largely without governmental support. An idea like this which so many people are doing on their own, should be supported by all governments, because they lose nothing, and have everything to gain.

If people are willing to accept land, plant gardens on it, become self-sustainable, and regenerate the environment in the process, should we not help them?

Kin’s Domains address all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while requiring minimal financial resources. Read our report on Kin’s Domains and the 17 SDGs below.

“Creating a Kin’s Domain means improving the environment, and that’s the main purpose of a Man’s being. If God had created the environment, and his children were talented so much as to improve it – that would be the utmost spirituality of mankind.”

– Vladimir Megre

Kin’s Domain Settlements and “Eco-Villages” are not  the same thing.

A Kin’s Domain is 2.5 acres (1 hectare) of land, which a single family transforms into a flourishing garden Paradise and home for themselves and their children. A Kin’s Domain Settlement is a community comprised of many individual Kin’s Domains.

The “Eco-Villages” of the West have a much more “communal” focus, where everything is shared between individuals. There are many  other differences.

Here Vladimir Megre (author of the Ringing Cedars books) explains his experience at the NEXUS Summit located at the United Nations in 2015, when he was sharing the idea of Kin’s Domains:

The Goals of Kin's Domain

 Goal 1: No Poverty

What are the conditions which cause poverty? Families don’t control their own land and their food supply, thus they have to work for these two basic human rights. If every family can provide suitable living conditions and a steady food supply for themselves (let alone when they are in community with like-minded families, and have the support of their government), then the causes of poverty, and poverty itself is eliminated. With families all provided an opportunity for income generation through small scale, local and organic agriculture, and small batch, high quality manufacturing operations, poverty cannot exist, as the conditions causing it have been removed.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

With families practicing small scale regenerative growing methods, all of their food needs are met by themselves, and the community around them on their Kin’s Domain settlement. At the minimum, purchased food can be supplemented by food grown on the domain. With the Kin’s Domain model, there is greater opportunity than ever for world food security. For instance, one family in Los Angeles is able to grow 7000 pounds of organic food per year on a tenth of an acre, supplying 90 percent of their diet. They spend less than $2 per day per person on other kitchen staples and make over $20,000 a year selling excess produce. When people are properly re-skilled and educated on efficient gardening techniques, imagine what can be done on 2.5 acres. Then imagine what could be done if even 5% of America lived on Kin’s Domains, and the food surpluses that would create for the country.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

As a result of families cleaning their environment, planting trees (purifying the air, attracting rain), gardens and orchards, consuming the highest quality organic produce, a tight-knit and supportive social environment where everyone is united in a common aspiration, families living on Kin’s Domains enjoy a substantially higher level of health and well-being than their city dwelling counterparts.They consume food of the highest, beyond organic, quality, engage in stimulating exercise while tending their land, and are daily engaged in the work which they feel is most meaningful to them: creating a corner of the Earth to hand down to their descendants.

Goal 4: Quality Education

On Kin’s Domain settlements, education is taken into the hands of parents who are invested and engaged in their children’s education. Since the “classes” are smaller, students receive more individual attention, and lessons are more participatory and engaging. Without the external stressors of the traditional school system used in cities, children living on domains will excel academically.

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Men and women uniting in love to create happy families will experience the highest form of gender equality that man has to offer. Men and women coming together for the purpose of creation of children, and of the establishment of a family domain where their kin will live in perpetuity, will respect and treat each other with the highest dignity and fairness possible. Indeed, they would not even aspire to such things if they were not already thinking of the opposite gender with the highest respect. And the entire community around them thinks and acts this way.

Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

All families who are establishing kin’s domains are committed to maintaining clean and fresh water supplies. Lakes and other bodies of water are cleaned by residents of the settlements, and are never polluted by them. Sanitation is handled in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Large sewer systems do not exist on domains. Compostable toilets are used. All waste that can be composted, is. With less use of packaged manufactured good, waste generated per family decreases.

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Families living on domains opt for the cleanest and most ecologically sustainable forms of energy available (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) They keep use of such resources to a minimum.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Families living on kin’s domains have decided to create a new ways of life for themselves and their descendants, and so by virtue of that decision, the work they do is inherently decent and becoming of them. With a myriad of options for generating income via their life on the land, all families are provided opportunities for long term, sustainable, and scalable economic growth. Not to mention that virtually none of the jobs are polluting the environment or detracting from society in any way. Examples of these economic opportunities include beekeeping, baking, growing and selling fruits and vegetables, making clothes, and so on.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

The inhabitants of kin’s domain settlements do not endeavor to set up large scale factories out of the desire to not pollute the environment. They provide their own infrastructure, usually on an individual family basis, and also on a settlement-wide basis. They create their own roads, provide their own electricity, water, etc. The kind of industry being practiced on Kin’s Domains is small scale and regenerative.

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Families living on kin’s domains have decided to create a new ways of life for themselves and their descendants, and so by virtue of that decision, the work they do is inherently decent and becoming of them. With a myriad of options for generating income via their life on the land, all families are provided opportunities for long term, sustainable, and scalable economic growth. Not to mention that virtually none of the jobs are polluting the environment or detracting from society in any way. Examples of these economic opportunities include beekeeping, baking, growing and selling fruits and vegetables, making clothes, and so on.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Kin’s Domains settlements will be completely sustainable and ecologically frienly in the highest way, by themselves. But the impact of the idea is far reaching. Not everyone will be able to transition to living life fully on the land instantly, nor should they, as haste breeds mistakes. There will be thousands and millions of people trying to transition to life on their very own Kin’s Domain, but they will start by cleaning up the places where they are. Inspired by a new vision of life, they will begin to take charge of the health and cleanliness of their cities. They will grow gardens where they can. Plant trees along the streets. Redesign whole sections of cities to be more beautiful and green. Also, those on Kin’s Domain settlements that are near cities will sell their products to those living in the cities, thus improving the quality of life of those in the cities. Those living in the cities will see the settlements near them and be inspired to change their lives.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
People trying to establish Kin’s Domains take sustainable production and consumption extremely seriously. Since they will be living so close to the land, they are hyper-aware of what waste they produce, whether through consumption or production. Production waste created by those living on settlements is extremely minimal, since they aren’t engaging in any large scale industrial manufacturing processes. There is no industrial pollution — zero. Mostly all products made on kin’s domains are ecologically friendly and don’t create any waste — food products, handmade clothing, crafts, animal products like milk and honey, etc. All of these are very minimal in waste. And since kin’s domain settlers are the ecologically conscious type, they are keen to make as little waste as possible in their consumption as well. And lastly, since they are all attempting to become self-sufficient, they cut down on consumption where they can. They produce much more (green products), and consume much less (all products) than the average city dweller.